I'm a thinker. I have intentionally welcomed a broad range of design challenges into my portfolio because I value versatility. I base this on the theory that curiosity, education, participation, and commitment lead the way to innovative design solutions. I enjoy sharing this enthusiasm with the design community through writing articles, attending lectures, and participating in industry events. Collaborating with colleagues who share my drive and scope is always a bonus and often encouraged.

My goal is to contribute to the design industry by bringing my knowledge to an environment where it can become a catalyst for innovative problem-solving. I am passionate about studying how we think, learn, and communicate. I believe this interest helps me understand people and create effective user experience solutions.

Outside of my professional career, I have enjoyed learning about design through different forms. Fifteen years of classical ballet training taught me about movement, timing, and discipline. Building a 16’ cedar strip canoe taught me about form and materials. Training in theatre taught me how to engage an audience, and how to study a character and then use it to tell a story. International travel has taught me about culture, communication, and interaction. Every extra-curricular encounter I have had, has drawn a parallel to what I practice today and has strengthened me as a designer.